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Last updated 13 April 2021


How safe are the rapid tests?
The rapid antigen test has a sensitivity of 96.52% and a specificity of 99.69%.

The sensitivity  of a clinical test refers to the test’s ability to correctly identify patients with a disease. A test with 100% sensitivity correctly identifies all patients with the disease. A test with 80% sensitivity identifies 80% of patients with the disease (true positive), but 20% of those with the disease remain undiscovered (false negative).

The specificity  of a clinical test refers to the test’s ability to correctly identify patients without the disease. A test with 100% specificity, therefore, correctly identifies all patients without the disease. A test with 80% specificity identifies 80% of patients without the disease as negative (true negative), but 20% of the patients are incorrectly identified as positive (false positive).

How is the test carried out?
Tests are held by appointment only, with bookings made online.

Come to the test location at the time of your appointment (your appointment confirmation will be accompanied by a description of how to find the location). It is essential that you arrive on time as the tests are arranged in such a way that waiting times do not result and cause you to come into contact with other test persons.

If you have booked a test as a result of symptoms or a SwissCovid app notification and the costs are to be invoiced to the federal government, please bring your health insurance card to the appointment for verification.

Which test do I need to book for traveling?
Please check the appropriate entry regulations for your destination country. We are unable to provide you with any information about this.
Who is liable if the result is not available in time before a planned trip?
I’d like to spend time with someone close to me and want to be sure that we won’t infect each other. Which test should I book for this?
Please note the rules and restrictions imposed by the federal government regarding private events with family and friends.

Appointment booking

Where can I book my appointment?
Who can I contact if all appointments are taken?
How can I cancel my appointment?
Via the appointment confirmation you received by email.
I need a different test to the one I booked. Can I still change this?
You can still request a different test method when you arrive for your appointment.
I’ve booked a self-payer test. How can I pay?
You may pay either in advance online or using EC or credit card at the test location.
Are you not insured in Switzerland and would like to book a COVID test?
Our booking platform is currently being upgraded to support this. Until we have completed this accommodation, please enter 15 zeros in the insurance card number field.

If it is recommended that you get a test, the FOPH may assume the costs only if you are covered by Swiss basic insurance and provide your insurance card number. If you are not covered by Swiss basic insurance, you must pay for your test as a self-payer. You may subsequently submit the invoice to your health insurer for them to assume the costs. We cannot guarantee this, however.


How and when will I receive my test result?
Results are issued in digital form only, via SMS and email. Rapid test results will be sent by us, while the results of PCR tests are sent directly by the laboratory.

The result of a rapid test is generally available after 20 to 30 minutes, the result of a PCR test generally after 48 hours.
What happens if the rapid antigen test is positive but I have no symptoms?
If you have booked a self-paying rapid antigen test and receive a positive result, you will be contacted by us via telephone and receive an additional PCR test, the cost of which will then be covered by the FOPH.

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