General Terms and Conditions

By accepting treatment at a Medgate Mini Clinic, I consent to my records being accessed and used within all companies of the Medgate Group that provide medical services (in particular Medgate AG and Medgate Mini Clinic AG, hereinafter referred to as “Medgate”). Furthermore, I hereby authorize Medgate to request any of my medical records that may be of relevance to my illness from other physicians or medical institutions. In my interest, I allow Medgate to send results of my examinations and treatment and any evaluations to the referring physician or the provider of ongoing treatment, as well as any external specialists consulted by Medgate.

I acknowledge that the medical professional may establish a secure video link to a general practitioner or specialist if necessary. Any conversation with this medical professional, both on site and via video link, is subject to patient confidentiality.

Services provided by the Medgate Mini Clinic are invoiced on the basis of Tarmed rates and are generally settled directly with your health or accident insurance provider. If you are not resident in Switzerland or do not have Swiss health insurance, please pay the Tarmed bill at our premises and submit it subsequently to your health insurance provider if appropriate. The Medgate Mini Clinic also offers self-payer services that are invoiced directly to you.

I give my permission for the data necessary for the billing process to be sent to the institution responsible for billing or collection, or if appropriate to any legal professional involved and the relevant government bodies.

Last updated: November 2020

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